Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Are you an Empath?

Empath is the person who feels empathy, also known as an HSP (highly sensitive person).

A sensitive person who is able to feel the emotions of others (empathy), energetic perception, even if they are not living in the same situation, or being sensitive and capturing emotions / thoughts of spirits. They are sentient beings, they absorb energies from others, they must learn to create psychic shields and protect themselves. The empath captures vibrations from other people's aura through his own aura or your solar plexus chakra.
Therefore, I consider this sensitivity a type of mediumship (he can capture emotions, energies and thoughts of others).

Being highly sensitive can be interpreted as a gift or a weight, depending on the interpretation.
So there are advantages and disadvantages as we deal with the sensations.

Empaths can be a "human lie detector", emotionally feel the vibrations of the person lying to them, can still read body language, facial micro expressions, the look, etc.
This can be good (recognizing enemies, turning away from toxic people) but it can also hurt when you feel a relative or spouse has lied to you.

Transmute energies.
If you can manage emotionally how you react, you can transmute (with positive thoughts) the negative energies you capture by simply generating new thoughts or nullifying negative energies into positive ones in a kind of inner alchemy.
One has to train emotional management internally.

Their intuition is very strong.

They are good listeners and advisers.

Good workers, entrepreneurs, have a long-term vision of the future.

If they cannot manage this gift emotionally, you may end up receiving too much negative energy and emotions from others.
People may abuse their goodwill and innocence, and constantly be charging favors.
Know to recognize this, not all people are angels, take from time to time spiritual baths of cleansing herbs. Meditate.

Learn how to create boundaries, set your space, don't let them overrun your space and enjoy yourself.

Empaths are sometimes extremely compassionate and begin to carry the burdens and problems of others, sometimes becoming emotionally drained (emotional contagion).
Give yourself a break, detoxify, recharge energies.

Sometimes (by no means widespread) they have complicated love relationships because they often attract people who need spiritual or emotional healing.
The empath helps the loved one, listens and advises, gives himself too much and does not always receive attention or love in the same percentage. Some people when they are in a phase of need or depression date empaths, but after they get better they move away and go about their lives.
The first step is to like yourself, do not focus your happiness on solely another person.

Sensitivity to comments, or provocations, rivalries. An empath is more emotionally sensitive, when a negative person tries to hit him with teasing, bullying or other methods, it wreaks havoc.
Train your mind to ignore external provocations, cultivate your self-esteem always, recognize that you are a being of light and do not allow anyone to make you feel bad.

Sílvio Guerrinha

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