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What is parapsychology? Although there are different definitions, either in Wikipedia or from various authors, each one defines in its own way. My definition of parapsychology is that it is a paracience, that is, a science that goes beyond the usual and that studies the paranormal, that is paraphysical, phenomena. In this sense Metaphysics is similar.

I have a broader view of parapsychology and I encompass in this branch very varied phenomena from: mediumship, psychic development, poltergeist and other manifestations of extraphysical entities, projection of consciousness, remote viewing, distance healing, Instrumental Transcommunication, among others.

Parapsychology students generally want to take a more scientific approach to the phenomena they study and tend to distance themselves from the themes of spiritualism and occultism (which they consider superstition or folklore), but I do not separate things. The Practice of spiritualism, shamanism, occultism and all spiritual phenomena are the same as studied by parapsychology, only the names and expressions are different.

A spirit or ghost, from folklore, may have a different name depending on the line of study, we may call as extraphysical entity, energetic construct, spectral apparition, etc.

A spell as it is commonly known can have a more technical name if we have imagination such as: intentional energetic directing, psychoenergetic ritual event and so on.

Precognition may have a technical name like: Indirect hyperesthesia of thought, anomalous cognition, but names are just masks, different ways of calling the same phenomenon, understand? 
Every day new expressions and terms come up, created by various authors.

What Spiritism calls mediumistic faculties, parapsychology calls extrasensory perception (ESP) as clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, retrocognition, and others.

OOBE (Out of Body Experience) can be intentional or unintentional. When someone has an accident and is in a coma, they sometimes remember being floating in the astral body in the operating room, this experience is spontaneous non-voluntary, as sometimes in dreams: astral projection. Other times we have these experiences in the intentional way (astral travel, projection of consciousness in meditation, or in magical rituals or ecstasy).

What we know by the aura can be called a biophotonic field, for example.

Some well-known faculties, such as psychokinesis (action of mind over matter), I believe to be real, but sometimes these faculties have been overvalued or overstated, the effects are not always as surprising as in Hollywood movies. In other words, I believe that sometimes the effects are microscale (micro PK) instead of macroscale. Sometimes it can happen spontaneously psychokinesis, without the individual controlling or being aware of it (eg a falling drawer, a cracking glass, disappearing a ring or key from his hand etc), but without large impact or surprising large-scale mutant effect. Marvel heroes does not exist in real life.

Nowadays Quantum physics itself also studies the nonlocal properties of human consciousness and the holographic brain, science and spirituality are creating bridges of union.

Phenomena such as remote healing (Reiki, healing, and others) or spells are always ways of directing energy toward another distant person, either for good or for bad, Parapsychology defines these operations as bio-Pk or DMILS (ie Direct Interaction of the Mind over Living Systems).

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