Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Magic Vibrations

You have certainly heard of Tibetan bowls, or watched videos about it, right?
The cure for sound vibrations can have several names: sound therapy (sonotherapy), acoustic therapy or vibrational therapy.
In addition, there is cymatics; the study of sound waves and the physical patterns visible by the interaction of these waves in a medium.
There are several methods, for example, chanting a mantra like OHMMMM also produces an inner vibration.

Ultrasounds and vibrations travel through every molecule in our body.

“If we drop a rock in a lake, concentric waves will appear that spread over the entire surface. Each molecule of water is thus set in motion. With sound massage, something similar occurs in our body, consisting of more than 70% water. The beneficial vibrations are transmitted to the body, spreading in concentric waves: a comforting massage for each of the 100 billion cells in the body - a cellular massage. ”

At the cellular level, all cells emit sound frequencies as a result of their metabolic processes. In addition, there is an interaction between the cell's own sounds and those generated by the surrounding environment, including sound healing devices.

We can use frequency and vibration therapy in several ways:
- Chant mantras.
-Use bells.
-Use Tibetan bowls.
-Listen to binaural sounds with headphones.
-Use the tuning fork (U-shaped metal fork).

In this article, I will take a deeper look at the tuning forks.
They can be purchased on any specialized website or on Ebay. Choose a large, quality tuning fork (instead of a small and cheap one between 2 to 3 euros), in fact, there are those who choose to purchase a medical tuning fork (with a metal alloy that produces up to 256Hz or 512 Hz and has two weights at the ends).
Doctors perform Rinne tests (hearing tests) with a tuning fork. One of these quality medical tuning fork can be found on branch websites, prices are around 30 and 40 USD.

The tuning fork was invented by John Shore (1662–1752) in 1711, trumpeter for Georg Friedrich Haendel.

The tuning fork therapy method is simple, sometimes known as the Acutonics System, others call it sonopuncture (sonopuncture: sound + acupuncture). Just hit one tuning fork on another, or hit a metal surface and it will produce vibrations.
Place the shaft of the tuning fork against the forehead (Ajna chakra, second sight, associated with the pituitary gland) or at acupuncture points, place it still close to the ear (to hear the frequencies) or touch an area of ​​the body to relieve pain.

The frequencies and vibrations (in the order of 432Hz) help to regulate the immune system, harmonize the vibrational state of each cell, balance the chakras, relieve stress.


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