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Thursday, October 20, 2022

The brain does Quantum computing


brain quantum computing

Scientists prove the brain does quantum computing. 

Incredible, something we suspected some time ago now has scientific evidence. Irish scientists think they have shown that the human brain works at the particle and quasiparticle level by using quantum phenomena.

Christian Kerskens and David Pérez of Trinity College Dublin found inspiration in studies and equations in quantum gravity theory. When studying quantum gravity, they embedded natural sensors in two diamonds, known as "nitrogen vacancies," which are also used as qubits for quantum computers. 

A vacancy arises when a carbon atom in the diamond is replaced by a nitrogen atom, which requires an extra electron. It is this electron that works as a quantum sensor by being in a spin-up and spin-down superposition. So instead of an extra electron, they used the same tools and methods to study the human brain. 

"For our experiments, we used 'brain water' proton spins as the known system. "Brain water" naturally accumulates as fluid in our brains and the spins of the protons [hydrogen nuclei] can be measured using imaging by So, using a specific MRI design to look for entangled spins, we discovered MRI signals that resemble the evoked potentials of the heartbeat, a form of EEG [electroencephalography] signals," the researcher details. 

Electrophysiological potentials, such as the evoked potentials of heartbeats, are not normally detectable with MRI, leading the two physicists to believe that they could only observe them because the nuclear proton spins in the brain were entangled.

"If entanglement is the only possible explanation here, it would mean that brain processes must have interacted with the nuclear spins, mediating the entanglement between the nuclear spins. As a result, we can deduce that these brain functions must be quantum. 

"As these brain functions have also been correlated with short-term memory performance and consciousness, it is likely that these quantum processes are an important part of our cognitive and conscious brain functions," Kerskens said.

In addition to the Irish scientists, there is also the American project "QuBrain" (Quantum Brain Project), led by Professor Matthew Fisher, from the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA. The project had an investment of millions.


Article: Experimental indications of non-classical brain functions

Authors: Christian Matthias Kerskens, David López Pérez

Magazine: Journal of Physics Communications

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Ouroboros is real


Surely anyone who reads about alchemy and esotericism recognizes an image of the serpent or a dragon biting its own tail, the "Ouroboros", right? The circle (eternity) symbolizes something that has no beginning or end, self-fertilization. renovation, among other things. In ancient Egypt, this symbol was used. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, there are images of a serpent related to the creator god Aten that rose from the waters of creation. It was believed that the snake renewed itself every morning and held its tail in its mouth, which could symbolize the unified Ra-Osiris.

Did you know that this being really exists? It is a small species of lizard, "Armadillo lizard" or "Armadillo lizard", whose scientific name is Ouroborus cataphractus, when it feels threatened, it puts its own tail in its mouth and stays in a circular position, to adopt a defensive posture, its beaks on its back. and tails are like armor. The species is endemic to desert areas along the west coast of South Africa. They can reach 20 cm in size. They live in small groups and hibernate during the winter.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Moonfall movie



If you like sci-fi movies, check out "Moonfall".  Reality by Roland Emmerich, the same director of "Independence Day", "2012" and "The Day After Tomorrow". 

There are even identical apocalyptic scenes (the tsunami, debris falling from the sky). 

 The film goes against several conspiracy theories, such as the moon being hollow and artificial, created by extraterrestrials (David Icke often divulges this theory in his books) and the ancestral gods who created us through the DNA sky (it is an indirect allusion to the Anunnaki) .



Monday, December 20, 2021

Holographic Reality- Book

Holographic Reality- Silvio guerrinha


I published a new book: "Holographic Reality- Do we live in a Simulation?", 230 pages, five years of research. The Matrix, alternate realities and parallel selves, quantum physics and retrocausality, the archonts of Gnosis, déjà-vu and the Mandela Effect, exiting the Matrix, mind upload and digital immortality, among more.

Link Here (Amazon)


Saturday, May 1, 2021

More and More Exorcisms

church exorcism


Pandemic, confinement, millions of deaths, are having a psychological impact on people. There are more and more depressions.

Spiritual problems also seem to affect people more and more.

The Catholic Church is trying to take advantage of the "wave" and is already taking on exorcisms without prejudice, including being modernized and doing exorcisms via mobile phone.

About 200 priests took the course to be exorcists. The 13th course on exorcism and liberation prayer (Corso Esorcismo and la Preghiera di Liberazione) took place at the Sacerdos Institute of the Pontifical Universidde Regina Apostolorum (in Rome) and was approved by the Catholic Church. The teacher is Giuseppe Ferrari.

A cardinal, Ernest Simoni, 89, said he says prayers in Latin over the phone with the client on the other end of the call.

The Catholic Church says that possessions have increased.

The Church remains chauvinistic and relegates women to unimportant positions, in this course it is the same and women can only be "auxiliary exorcists".

Source: Reuters

Note: This final comment is not part of the article expressing my personal opinion. I have twenty years of research on these themes, experience in spiritism and took a course in Parapsychology.

I must stress that it is not only the Catholic Church that can do exorcisms, nor prayers in Latin. Various spiritual systems and practices can ward off evil entities, including magic practices with astral smudging and cleansing, Umbanda's methods for purifying people and environments, shamanism, among more.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. A priest does not mean that he is a "holy" person, purity of spirit has to do with the person's character and nature, regardless of the position or dress he wears.

For example, there are priests in the Vatican who, as a person, are not pure (pedophiles for example), if a priest (who is a human being) is impure and tries to perform exorcisms, it will not work.

An exorcism doesn't work because it contains prayers in Latin (imagine that obsessive spirits don't even understand Latin?), A spirit only feels forced to leave if it recognizes power in the preacher's words or energy / vibration.

Spiritist doctrine explains very well how obsessions occur. I don't like the term "possession" because no demon enters the individual's body.

The very name "demon" is heavy and is used by the Church to instill fear, for them to present themselves as the ultimate "solution". In fact, there are spirits and they "touch" the person, obsessing him by energetically connecting to his chakras. The entity connects to the person, auric coupling.

I tell you, an individual is not an exorcist just for wearing a cassock and a crucifix on his chest. Anyone who has years of study and spiritual practice, who is pure in character and has a strong spiritual vibration is enough to ward off evil, his simple presence is already vibrationally superimposed on the presence of the entities (and these depart).

I will say more:

An exorcism could temporarily "solve" the problem of spiritual obsession. But it only resolves the symptoms.

It is necessary to work on the root of the problem, work on the spiritual part of the individual who is in trouble or discover the origin of the evil (it could be a witchcraft they did to someone, it could be a karmic situation, etc.).

Because if the individual is spiritually fragile, with low self-esteem and energy, sooner or later he will continue to attract the problem. So in addition to exorcism, it is necessary to work on the origins of the problem, and to spiritually reinforce the obsessed individual (with spiritual coaching, astral cleansing, protection, etc.).

And I will stop for now.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Post em Português


Knocking on Wood for Luck


knock on wood for luck

You certainly know the tradition of giving three knocks on the wood, to "repel" bad energies or ward off bad luck, right?

Where did this tradition come from?

About 4,000 years ago, the North American Indians found that the oak was the tree most affected by lightning.

They concluded, then, that the imposing tree was the abode of the gods on Earth and every time they felt guilty about something, they beat on the trunk of the oaks with their knuckles, to call the gods and ask for forgiveness.

Another of the probable origins was the pagan tradition of patting the trunk of a tree with a hand, it was believed that they were inhabited by spirits (devas) and that this would attract good luck, or they would thank the deva of the tree and ask for a wish .

tree devas

In the United Kingdom, in 1899, this tradition of tapping wood began to emerge to ward off bad energy, in the United States the tradition emerged in 1905.

Dear reader, the explanation of this tradition exists on hundreds of sites, including the renowned Wikipedia. But no one else develops a plausible explanation or theory.

I will do it. In my opinion, which I believe in the spiritual world, forests are places of enormous magnetism, trees channel magnetism, so there are certainly entities that inhabit the forest.

In addition, there is another factor at work when we hit the wood, if we believe that we repel bad luck it changes our mindset (way of thinking) and our vibration becomes more positive, we become more self-confident, serene, this in fact repels bad luck. ..For our attitude and vibration before the rest of the day changes.

Sílvio Guerrinha

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Merry Christmas



Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Shadow people, ghosts:


shadow people

Have you ever heard about Shadow people? I prefer the term “figures” because they are not really people, they are extraphysical entities.

These entities pass by so fast, in milliseconds of fractions of a second, so our eyes can only catch a shape. It does not mean that the aspect of the entity is like this or even “dark shadow” notice we see a very limited fraction of the light spectrum. Extradimensional entities may have another aspect, but our human vision in this 3rd dimension can only see them in the form of "figures", understand?


Such extraphysical entities can have several origins, they can be spirits, they can be extradimensional beings, beings of parallel realities therefore, or extraterrestrials (who can also project their ethereal body). They may also be some spirit of a loved one trying to communicate.


Are they negative?

Not necessarily, some entities may only be studying us here, the fact that they resemble a “shadow” does not mean that they are negative, our perception is that it sees them like this, in a fraction of a millisecond, the real aspect does not we know for sure. There are negative and positive entities, just like humans, that is: malicious entities and there are well-intentioned entities. You can recognize them by your intuition, the feeling of bad vibes indicates that you are feeling negative vibrations (so the entity will be negative).

If you don't feel anything special, the entity is just passing through, with no bad intentions.

Some skeptics point out theories that: such figures are hallucinations of the mind, caused by sleep deprivation. But this theory does not always stick. Notice: Many people saw shapes during the day, when they were awake (it wasn't at night, nor when they were sleepy) it was during the day. Pets at home also tend to react strangely (particularly cats). Cats can see other entities, their vision is more comprehensive in relation to the light spectrum, other frequencies. They also feel variations in the energy field.


What to do?

Try to remain calm, as entities feel their vibrations, such as fear and insecurity. Say a prayer, light myrrh or jasmine incense, smoke the room (esoteric practices do, because your sense of security increases, your personal vibration rises). And when the entity feels that our personal vibration rises (our aura changes) it moves away. I have sometimes seen dark shapes, one of the things I did was to send mental commands asking “What are you doing here, what is your intention?”. Or “This is my personal space, I ask that you please leave”. And it worked.

The mere fact that the entity notices that we are an awakened mind and we noticed its presence, is enough for it to leave.


If you want you can share your personal story in the comments on this blog.


Sílvio Guerrinha

Este post em Português


Monday, April 13, 2020

Spiritual channelings and Covid-19

I want to share an important message.

Ninety-nine percent of spiritual channeling on the internet are fake, a supposed organizations like "COBRA" resistance movement and Alliance of sphere beings among so many others are negative draconian entities pretending to be beings of light.

Many spiritual pseudoguru channelings merely wish protagonism, if they really channeled true messages they would have warned all of us about a worldwide pandemic and they didn't, why?
Couldn’t positive extraterrestrial entities warn us not to intervene in our collective karma?

Please start filtering the information you read, ninety-nine percent of blogs and spiritual sites are bystanders who have little understanding of these subjects.

It takes many years of spiritual study and practice, maintaining a clean and dedicated consciousness so that the higher mind (the higher self) maintains a constant connection with the divine and the flow of spiritual information is continuous.

I have been writing and practicing spirituality for twenty-two years, I have published books, some are on amazon.com, I have some notion of what I speak.

True superior extradimensional entities, who communicate spiritually with us and transmit messages, rarely divulge names, do not want to be deified, do not wish to be protagonists, do not wish to instill fear in our mind, so filter the "garbage" you are reading online.
Names are vibrations, when an entity claims to be "Kryon" or "Ashtar sheran" or any other name this is just a vibration to phonetically approximate a name that we humans can recognize, it is not the real name of the entity itself, some they are simple egregores created by the supposed channeling gurus.

What is the inner sensation/ vibration that the word "COBRA" makes you feel?
A cobra is a snake, a word with a negative vibration associated with spiritual messages, which entities are hiding under this code name?

I can tell you that I often receive insights, information flashes and channel messages.
Covid-19 (coronavirus disease) was artificially created, whoever says the opposite (be it an entity or messages channeled on spiritual sites) is lying.
This virus was created artificially by the obscure elite for the purpose of population control and to lower the vibration of the collective unconscious and of this MATRIX, to stay in the "game" and delay the rise.

This is all a game.
Stay safe, protect yourself and yours.

Say prayers, send energy mentally (visualization) wishing to protect all your friends, family, children, spouses, whoever practices Reiki please send energy for free to everyone.
Meditate, raise your vibrations.

Quarantine also means, in this phase, recollection, introspection, turn inward, find your inner self.
Many of those who are disincarnating due to covid-19 (not wanting to generalize, obviously) have now had their karmic moment to leave, spiritual guides of these souls are receiving and supporting them.

There is a war of polarities on this plane (entities of negative polarity and others of positive entity), we are pawns in this game, some negative entities are nourishing themselves with the negative energy of this pandemic moment, collective fear, thousands of deaths, in short.

But, on the other hand, positive entities are also receiving the souls of those who discarnate, guiding and protecting them on other existential realms.
There are many deeper things going on behind the veil, unfortunately almost no website or spiritual channel reveals this to you.

Next year, 2021, believe me, the situation will repeat.

Stay strong, we are light warriors in this curious times, send healing energy to all your acquaintances, friends, family, partners, we will help to balance the energies.

Sílvio Guerrinha


Thursday, March 19, 2020



Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Magic Vibrations

You have certainly heard of Tibetan bowls, or watched videos about it, right?
The cure for sound vibrations can have several names: sound therapy (sonotherapy), acoustic therapy or vibrational therapy.
In addition, there is cymatics; the study of sound waves and the physical patterns visible by the interaction of these waves in a medium.
There are several methods, for example, chanting a mantra like OHMMMM also produces an inner vibration.

Ultrasounds and vibrations travel through every molecule in our body.

“If we drop a rock in a lake, concentric waves will appear that spread over the entire surface. Each molecule of water is thus set in motion. With sound massage, something similar occurs in our body, consisting of more than 70% water. The beneficial vibrations are transmitted to the body, spreading in concentric waves: a comforting massage for each of the 100 billion cells in the body - a cellular massage. ”

At the cellular level, all cells emit sound frequencies as a result of their metabolic processes. In addition, there is an interaction between the cell's own sounds and those generated by the surrounding environment, including sound healing devices.

We can use frequency and vibration therapy in several ways:
- Chant mantras.
-Use bells.
-Use Tibetan bowls.
-Listen to binaural sounds with headphones.
-Use the tuning fork (U-shaped metal fork).

In this article, I will take a deeper look at the tuning forks.
They can be purchased on any specialized website or on Ebay. Choose a large, quality tuning fork (instead of a small and cheap one between 2 to 3 euros), in fact, there are those who choose to purchase a medical tuning fork (with a metal alloy that produces up to 256Hz or 512 Hz and has two weights at the ends).
Doctors perform Rinne tests (hearing tests) with a tuning fork. One of these quality medical tuning fork can be found on branch websites, prices are around 30 and 40 USD.

The tuning fork was invented by John Shore (1662–1752) in 1711, trumpeter for Georg Friedrich Haendel.

The tuning fork therapy method is simple, sometimes known as the Acutonics System, others call it sonopuncture (sonopuncture: sound + acupuncture). Just hit one tuning fork on another, or hit a metal surface and it will produce vibrations.
Place the shaft of the tuning fork against the forehead (Ajna chakra, second sight, associated with the pituitary gland) or at acupuncture points, place it still close to the ear (to hear the frequencies) or touch an area of ​​the body to relieve pain.

The frequencies and vibrations (in the order of 432Hz) help to regulate the immune system, harmonize the vibrational state of each cell, balance the chakras, relieve stress.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Crystal charged Water

For those who study esotericism, crystal therapy, energies, it will not be new that crystals can transmute our energies, purify them, or even energize the water we drink.
In fact it was never new, but the world market lives on trends and now it is fashionable for celebrities to drink water with quartz crystals, a renowned brand "Level" sells a few bottles for hundreds of euros.
Other bottles are more affordable and cost less than 100 euros. Other brands are already appearing on the market.
Here's the tip; dear reader you can find more affordable solutions, just look in an esoteric store for a crystal tip (for example pink quartz), wash and clean well.
Leave the crystal in a clear glass bottle, filled with filtered water.
Then place the bottle next to a window, so that it gets sunlight a few hours a day (for seven days).
After that you can drink this magnetized water.
In short, it is so, but I leave the details below.

A glass bottle, transparent.
1 large crystal (can be pointed, can be rolled, quartz of the type you prefer).
A bowl of coarse salt.

Take the crystal and, as I mentioned initially, wash it well and clean it to remove any dust and accumulated energy.
Place the crystal on top of the coarse salt, for two or three hours, in order to further purify the old energies accumulated in it.
Place the crystal inside the glass bottle, pour filtered bottled water inside (do not use tap water).
Then place the bottle next to a window, so that it gets sunlight a few hours a day (for seven days).
After that you can drink this magnetized water.
There are different options, some recommend drinking 1 or 2 glasses a day only (do not drink all the water in one day).
Others indicate that we dilute that liter of water in another bottle (use half: 500ml of that water diluted with 500ml of other water).

Sílvio Guerrinha


USS Nimitz Ufo Incident

A well-known UFO incident occurred in November 2004, when the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz had encounters with unknown spaceships.

In November 2004, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, a flagship of the US Navy Strike Carrier Group-11, which sailed some 160 kilometers off the coast of southern California, detected strange radar signals from an object in the sky.

The case had media coverage recently because the American Navy revealed photos and videos of these UFOs. But didn't it reveal everything, most of the full, high-resolution videos were collected by unknown individuals (they were men in black)?

According to Popular Mechanics, the aircraft carrier then launched a fighter squadron to take a closer look at the strange object, and one of the pilots managed to record a video, which was publicly released in 2017, along with two other videos of UFO sightings.

The radar signals originated from an object that rapidly changed altitude, being at 24,000 meters and other times at 9,000 meters.

The UFO (unidentified flying object), which became known as “Tic Tac” due to its shape, emitted a phosphorescent glow in several directions, reported at the time one of the pilots, Gary Voorhis, who even had the opportunity to observe the object on the ship through binoculars.

According to Voorhis, some time after the strange radio signals were recorded, two individuals arrived by helicopter on the ship. 20 minutes later, the technicians were forced to deliver the recordings and delete the records on the ship.

Also Petty Officer Patrick “P.J.” Hughes, then an aviation technician at the USS Nimitz, claims that his commander and two unknown men asked for the plane's hard drives to be delivered.

In an interview with The New York Times, Fravor reports that, on a flight with Lt. Col. Jim Slaight, he spotted the object, which was about 12 meters long.

When the altitude of their fighter dropped, the object rose to meet it, but then abruptly moved away and disappeared.

After 15 years, the details of what the USS Nimitz incident remains unclear.

Sources: Zap Aeiou.

Versão Portuguesa

Monday, January 20, 2020

Dark flow, mysterious force

Scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center (at NASA), led by Alexander Kashlinsky, found something immeasurably massive just beyond the borders of our observable universe (we can only see 4% of the Universe, the rest is for us, dark energy).
We cannot see what this massive force is, but we know it is there, because that "thing" is pulling parts of the universe into itself.

In the diagram of the sky that NASA made, the colored areas are being sucked into something so far away that we can't see and so powerful that we don't understand. Scientists called this dark flow force, it seemed the most appropriate name.

So, what is this dark flow?

It is an astronomical phenomenon that may indicate the existence of parallel universes. Alexander Kashlinsky, a NASA astrophysicist, observed that a group of galaxies is moving between the constellations of Sagittarius and Hydra. According to him, the Universe has an expansion limit, which is 45 billion light years from Earth, and that border may be an interface with another universe.

Source: NASA.

Could this be the evidence that the Universe is a holographic projection?

The theory of the Universe as a hologram was proposed by physicist Juan Maldacena, in 1997, and was recently confirmed by mathematical models developed by Japanese researchers.
With the title «Simulations back up theory that Universe is a Hologram», the article in the "Nature" magazine reveals that now the holographic model may be correct.

Juan Maldacena suggested that the universe exists in nine dimensions of space and one of time. According to the theory, the gravity of the universe derives from thin vibrating strings, which would be sequences of the hologram of events that occur in a simple and flat universe.
The holographic principle states that, as on a credit card security chip, there is a two-dimensional surface that contains all the information necessary to describe a three-dimensional object, in this case it would be our universe as an example.

The principle states that data that contains a description of a volume of space, such as a man or a comet, can be contained in a flattened region, which would be the "real" version of the universe.

This "real" universe stores objects as "memory" or a fragment of data, instead of a physical object of existence. In other words, everything we see around us is a mere projection.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Versão Portuguesa


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Are you an Empath?

Empath is the person who feels empathy, also known as an HSP (highly sensitive person).

A sensitive person who is able to feel the emotions of others (empathy), energetic perception, even if they are not living in the same situation, or being sensitive and capturing emotions / thoughts of spirits. They are sentient beings, they absorb energies from others, they must learn to create psychic shields and protect themselves. The empath captures vibrations from other people's aura through his own aura or your solar plexus chakra.
Therefore, I consider this sensitivity a type of mediumship (he can capture emotions, energies and thoughts of others).

Being highly sensitive can be interpreted as a gift or a weight, depending on the interpretation.
So there are advantages and disadvantages as we deal with the sensations.

Empaths can be a "human lie detector", emotionally feel the vibrations of the person lying to them, can still read body language, facial micro expressions, the look, etc.
This can be good (recognizing enemies, turning away from toxic people) but it can also hurt when you feel a relative or spouse has lied to you.

Transmute energies.
If you can manage emotionally how you react, you can transmute (with positive thoughts) the negative energies you capture by simply generating new thoughts or nullifying negative energies into positive ones in a kind of inner alchemy.
One has to train emotional management internally.

Their intuition is very strong.

They are good listeners and advisers.

Good workers, entrepreneurs, have a long-term vision of the future.

If they cannot manage this gift emotionally, you may end up receiving too much negative energy and emotions from others.
People may abuse their goodwill and innocence, and constantly be charging favors.
Know to recognize this, not all people are angels, take from time to time spiritual baths of cleansing herbs. Meditate.

Learn how to create boundaries, set your space, don't let them overrun your space and enjoy yourself.

Empaths are sometimes extremely compassionate and begin to carry the burdens and problems of others, sometimes becoming emotionally drained (emotional contagion).
Give yourself a break, detoxify, recharge energies.

Sometimes (by no means widespread) they have complicated love relationships because they often attract people who need spiritual or emotional healing.
The empath helps the loved one, listens and advises, gives himself too much and does not always receive attention or love in the same percentage. Some people when they are in a phase of need or depression date empaths, but after they get better they move away and go about their lives.
The first step is to like yourself, do not focus your happiness on solely another person.

Sensitivity to comments, or provocations, rivalries. An empath is more emotionally sensitive, when a negative person tries to hit him with teasing, bullying or other methods, it wreaks havoc.
Train your mind to ignore external provocations, cultivate your self-esteem always, recognize that you are a being of light and do not allow anyone to make you feel bad.

Sílvio Guerrinha

Portuguese version

The Universe may be Conscious

Some scientists gradually admit that the universe may be conscious, or possess proto-consciousness.
This concept may be called Panpsychism.
Gregory Matloff (physicist and professor at New York College of Technology) in an article admitted that humans can be similar to the universe in substance and consciousness.
Matloff believes that Panpsychism could explain dark matter (which makes up 95% of the universe).

He is testing this thesis through the Parenago's Discontinuity, a strange feature of Milky Way star rotation. Some stars move faster using apparently "consciously" unidirectional jets.

The theoretical physicist Bernard Haisch, in 2006, suggested that consciousness is produced and transmitted through the quantum vacuum, or empty space. Any system that has sufficient complexity and creates a certain level of energy can generate or transmit consciousness.

Another supporter of Panpsychism is Christof Koch of the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

"The only dominant theory we have of consciousness is that it is associated with complexity - the ability of a system to act on its own state and determine its own destiny," Koch argues. “The theory states that it could boil down to very simple systems. In principle, some purely physical systems that are not biological or organic may also be conscious. "

Some prominent physicists and neuroscientists believe that the whole universe participates in consciousness (panpsychism).

Sources:  Mind Matters  / NBC News

Note about Panpsychism:
From the Greek pan, «all» + psykhé, «soul» + ism. An 18th century doctrine especially noted by Leibniz, who argues that all matter, however small, is endowed with individual consciousness.
David Chalmers proposed the concept of "panprotopsychism" in which objects only have a "proto-consciousness" and this could become a more complete form of consciousness when these objects group together.
In this case the consciousness (would be formed collectively) also by stars, galaxies, nebulae and worlds inhabited throughout the Universe.

Versão Portuguesa


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