Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Shadow people, ghosts:


shadow people

Have you ever heard about Shadow people? I prefer the term “figures” because they are not really people, they are extraphysical entities.

These entities pass by so fast, in milliseconds of fractions of a second, so our eyes can only catch a shape. It does not mean that the aspect of the entity is like this or even “dark shadow” notice we see a very limited fraction of the light spectrum. Extradimensional entities may have another aspect, but our human vision in this 3rd dimension can only see them in the form of "figures", understand?


Such extraphysical entities can have several origins, they can be spirits, they can be extradimensional beings, beings of parallel realities therefore, or extraterrestrials (who can also project their ethereal body). They may also be some spirit of a loved one trying to communicate.


Are they negative?

Not necessarily, some entities may only be studying us here, the fact that they resemble a “shadow” does not mean that they are negative, our perception is that it sees them like this, in a fraction of a millisecond, the real aspect does not we know for sure. There are negative and positive entities, just like humans, that is: malicious entities and there are well-intentioned entities. You can recognize them by your intuition, the feeling of bad vibes indicates that you are feeling negative vibrations (so the entity will be negative).

If you don't feel anything special, the entity is just passing through, with no bad intentions.

Some skeptics point out theories that: such figures are hallucinations of the mind, caused by sleep deprivation. But this theory does not always stick. Notice: Many people saw shapes during the day, when they were awake (it wasn't at night, nor when they were sleepy) it was during the day. Pets at home also tend to react strangely (particularly cats). Cats can see other entities, their vision is more comprehensive in relation to the light spectrum, other frequencies. They also feel variations in the energy field.


What to do?

Try to remain calm, as entities feel their vibrations, such as fear and insecurity. Say a prayer, light myrrh or jasmine incense, smoke the room (esoteric practices do, because your sense of security increases, your personal vibration rises). And when the entity feels that our personal vibration rises (our aura changes) it moves away. I have sometimes seen dark shapes, one of the things I did was to send mental commands asking “What are you doing here, what is your intention?”. Or “This is my personal space, I ask that you please leave”. And it worked.

The mere fact that the entity notices that we are an awakened mind and we noticed its presence, is enough for it to leave.


If you want you can share your personal story in the comments on this blog.


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