Tuesday, January 21, 2020

USS Nimitz Ufo Incident

A well-known UFO incident occurred in November 2004, when the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz had encounters with unknown spaceships.

In November 2004, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, a flagship of the US Navy Strike Carrier Group-11, which sailed some 160 kilometers off the coast of southern California, detected strange radar signals from an object in the sky.

The case had media coverage recently because the American Navy revealed photos and videos of these UFOs. But didn't it reveal everything, most of the full, high-resolution videos were collected by unknown individuals (they were men in black)?

According to Popular Mechanics, the aircraft carrier then launched a fighter squadron to take a closer look at the strange object, and one of the pilots managed to record a video, which was publicly released in 2017, along with two other videos of UFO sightings.

The radar signals originated from an object that rapidly changed altitude, being at 24,000 meters and other times at 9,000 meters.

The UFO (unidentified flying object), which became known as “Tic Tac” due to its shape, emitted a phosphorescent glow in several directions, reported at the time one of the pilots, Gary Voorhis, who even had the opportunity to observe the object on the ship through binoculars.

According to Voorhis, some time after the strange radio signals were recorded, two individuals arrived by helicopter on the ship. 20 minutes later, the technicians were forced to deliver the recordings and delete the records on the ship.

Also Petty Officer Patrick “P.J.” Hughes, then an aviation technician at the USS Nimitz, claims that his commander and two unknown men asked for the plane's hard drives to be delivered.

In an interview with The New York Times, Fravor reports that, on a flight with Lt. Col. Jim Slaight, he spotted the object, which was about 12 meters long.

When the altitude of their fighter dropped, the object rose to meet it, but then abruptly moved away and disappeared.

After 15 years, the details of what the USS Nimitz incident remains unclear.

Sources: Zap Aeiou.

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