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Strange lights at Ilhabela (Brazil)

In Ilhabela (marine archipelago in North of São Paulo).

Region with more than 330 km2, several light phenomena have been observed, the first record occurred in 1955.

The researcher Cicero Buark collected several stories told by caiçaras and tourists about the apparitions in Ilhabela - small island of the north coast of São Paulo. Some of these accounts and legends consisted of sighting fireballs or balls. He described in an article a fact that he personally investigated:

«Bright objects are also often seen cutting the skies over the woods.

The fall of an incandescent object, with a very strong light intensity, and looking like a meteorite, was seen in Ilhabela, by a huge number of people. Talking to residents of the Buzios Islet, they commented that they had actually witnessed the fall of a "great light" behind the island, which remained in combustion for a long time. By conducting a sea expedition near the place, with the help of binoculars we found that there was really fire there, but strangely it was crackling over rocks, with no combustible material in the area. As there is a type of flammable stone on the island, it may be that fire has spread on that type of stone. '

In addition to this, Cicero Buark collected similar reports:

In October 1955, near Cabras Island, when Dr. Achilles Grecco and three friends spotted an "object" flying at a low height: A dark mass that emitted light rays at intervals. At one point, the object glowed and began to spin around itself, after which, in rapid movement, submerged, causing great astonishment. The Doctor. Grecco speaks of the "incredible way the object disappeared into the sea without causing noise, foam or flame.

On a summer night of 1976, for about 3 minutes, a "disk-shaped object with a comet-like syrup" stood still over the couple Maria Beatriz and her husband Antonio Maciel, a fact that attracted attention. of almost 20 people, at the Paria do Barreiro pier.

Then the apparition headed for the mountains, leaving behind a bright trail, a fact that startled the fishermen.

These, in turn, narrated the next day that, panicked by the intensity of the light that the object reflected, they abandoned their boats and nets, rushing back to their homes. Another fact that we gather concerns Manuel Felipe, who has lived there for more than 40 years, and who, on a dark night, approaching a waterfall, was surprised by the appearance of something in the shape of a fire rod. , 2 meters high.

As the fisherman approached, the object shifted, illuminating the entire area with its bluish light. Stunned Manuel Felipe fell asleep; when he woke up, the place was calm and lonely again. Something "eye-shaped" is constantly seen emerging from the crystal clear waters of the waterfalls, according to testimonials we were able to gather from residents. Emitting a bluish light and brightening an area around it, when someone approaches to catch it, it mysteriously moves behind, leaving behind a tail of light.

It is known that over 100 wrecks of small and large vessels have already occurred off Ilhabela and some attribute this to fireballs, as well as several cases of missing persons (strangely one out of every 3 missing persons leaves no trace).

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