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Monday, April 13, 2020

Spiritual channelings and Covid-19

I want to share an important message.

Ninety-nine percent of spiritual channeling on the internet are fake, a supposed organizations like "COBRA" resistance movement and Alliance of sphere beings among so many others are negative draconian entities pretending to be beings of light.

Many spiritual pseudoguru channelings merely wish protagonism, if they really channeled true messages they would have warned all of us about a worldwide pandemic and they didn't, why?
Couldn’t positive extraterrestrial entities warn us not to intervene in our collective karma?

Please start filtering the information you read, ninety-nine percent of blogs and spiritual sites are bystanders who have little understanding of these subjects.

It takes many years of spiritual study and practice, maintaining a clean and dedicated consciousness so that the higher mind (the higher self) maintains a constant connection with the divine and the flow of spiritual information is continuous.

I have been writing and practicing spirituality for twenty-two years, I have published books, some are on amazon.com, I have some notion of what I speak.

True superior extradimensional entities, who communicate spiritually with us and transmit messages, rarely divulge names, do not want to be deified, do not wish to be protagonists, do not wish to instill fear in our mind, so filter the "garbage" you are reading online.
Names are vibrations, when an entity claims to be "Kryon" or "Ashtar sheran" or any other name this is just a vibration to phonetically approximate a name that we humans can recognize, it is not the real name of the entity itself, some they are simple egregores created by the supposed channeling gurus.

What is the inner sensation/ vibration that the word "COBRA" makes you feel?
A cobra is a snake, a word with a negative vibration associated with spiritual messages, which entities are hiding under this code name?

I can tell you that I often receive insights, information flashes and channel messages.
Covid-19 (coronavirus disease) was artificially created, whoever says the opposite (be it an entity or messages channeled on spiritual sites) is lying.
This virus was created artificially by the obscure elite for the purpose of population control and to lower the vibration of the collective unconscious and of this MATRIX, to stay in the "game" and delay the rise.

This is all a game.
Stay safe, protect yourself and yours.

Say prayers, send energy mentally (visualization) wishing to protect all your friends, family, children, spouses, whoever practices Reiki please send energy for free to everyone.
Meditate, raise your vibrations.

Quarantine also means, in this phase, recollection, introspection, turn inward, find your inner self.
Many of those who are disincarnating due to covid-19 (not wanting to generalize, obviously) have now had their karmic moment to leave, spiritual guides of these souls are receiving and supporting them.

There is a war of polarities on this plane (entities of negative polarity and others of positive entity), we are pawns in this game, some negative entities are nourishing themselves with the negative energy of this pandemic moment, collective fear, thousands of deaths, in short.

But, on the other hand, positive entities are also receiving the souls of those who discarnate, guiding and protecting them on other existential realms.
There are many deeper things going on behind the veil, unfortunately almost no website or spiritual channel reveals this to you.

Next year, 2021, believe me, the situation will repeat.

Stay strong, we are light warriors in this curious times, send healing energy to all your acquaintances, friends, family, partners, we will help to balance the energies.

Sílvio Guerrinha



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