Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Psychic Development

What psychic faculty would you like to develop? Clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, psychometry or other? First of all I must say that there are different interpretations, all psychic faculties can be defined as mediumnistic faculties (by Spiritism) or extrasensory perception (ESP) faculties by parapsychology. There are several ways to define the same terms. Psi faculties, psychic faculties, medianimic faculties, psychic powers, siddhis among others.

Attention do not practice psychic development exercises if you are not prepared and mindful of what you may see. You can start to see shapes, feel presences, hear voices when you least expect it involuntarily. Another observation I want to make: Don't develop a psychic faculty for bad purposes (remotely influencing a person, scanning a person etc).

The exercises I share are a short version only, I am preparing more complex courses to publish online and writing a book on Remote Viewing.

With repetition and dedication our subconscious mind can be trained, amplified, some dormant psychic faculties can be awakened, amplified.

Some people are psychic without realizing it, the empaths, who empathize and absorb the energies and thoughts of others. Psychic empathy makes you feel sad if people around you are sad, subconsciously captures the vibrations and feelings of others, there is emotional and energetic empathy. Sometimes you can feel if someone is being honest or lying, as if they were some kind of "human lie detector."

One of the first steps is to become aware and believe that you can be psychic, do not let the conscious mind "censor" that feeling, believe me. Trust your intuition. Whenever you ignore your intuition and let the rational mind rebuke it with thoughts like, "This is my imagination," "This is not real," you are sabotaging your own intuition.

Train the ethereal vision:

I could have used different terms from psychic vision, clairvoyance, third vision, but I prefer the term ethereal as it will train your ability to see semitransparent auras in objects and people.

Watch a candle flame for a few minutes, then look at a white wall, or close your eyes. You will see a light spot (phosphenes) that is a bright replica of the candle flame caused by magnetic stimulation in the retina or visual cortex.

Another method:

In a forest, woods, watch the treetops under the blue sky as background, try to relax the view to observe all the trees and not one in particular. Gradually try to see if you notice a transparent aura above the trees.

One more exercise:

Look intently at the center of the image (where the circumferences intersect), relax the view so that the images begin to merge and see only one circle.

I can only mention that the third vision is related to the pineal gland, the third vision chakra (Ajna chakra) is in the center of the forehead. You can stimulate this region by placing an amethyst crystal on your forehead while lying down and meditating.


From the Greek psyké (relative to the psyche) and metron (measure, measure). Mediumnistic faculty, ability to deduce information about events by touching objects related to them. Also called somatosensory impression. Tactile Metagnimia.

All objects contain a portion of the energies or vibrations of the person who used them. You can, by touch, feel these vibrations.


Wash your hands after drying rub them together to allow the energy to flow. Leave your palms close together but 1 or 2 cm apart. Move them away a little later, approach, do you feel the energy? Now place your left hand open and your right hand at a 90 ° angle to it. 
Feel the energy?

Hold an object that belonged to someone else (ask a friend to lend you a used object, such as a ring, watch) but not tell them who you belonged to. This will try to guess you from the sensations you try to capture from the object.

Close your eyes, relax. What thoughts or mental images come to you? Sometimes impressions come in the form of emotions, you will feel anguish, or joy, drowsiness, etc.

Final Notes:

Always trust your intuition.

Meditate a lot.

Read books on spirituality and psychic development.

Dialogue internally with your spiritual guides.

Point out in a small journal your thoughts, intuitions, dreams you dreamed, etc.

Walk through the forest.

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