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More and More Exorcisms

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Pandemic, confinement, millions of deaths, are having a psychological impact on people. There are more and more depressions.

Spiritual problems also seem to affect people more and more.

The Catholic Church is trying to take advantage of the "wave" and is already taking on exorcisms without prejudice, including being modernized and doing exorcisms via mobile phone.

About 200 priests took the course to be exorcists. The 13th course on exorcism and liberation prayer (Corso Esorcismo and la Preghiera di Liberazione) took place at the Sacerdos Institute of the Pontifical Universidde Regina Apostolorum (in Rome) and was approved by the Catholic Church. The teacher is Giuseppe Ferrari.

A cardinal, Ernest Simoni, 89, said he says prayers in Latin over the phone with the client on the other end of the call.

The Catholic Church says that possessions have increased.

The Church remains chauvinistic and relegates women to unimportant positions, in this course it is the same and women can only be "auxiliary exorcists".

Source: Reuters

Note: This final comment is not part of the article expressing my personal opinion. I have twenty years of research on these themes, experience in spiritism and took a course in Parapsychology.

I must stress that it is not only the Catholic Church that can do exorcisms, nor prayers in Latin. Various spiritual systems and practices can ward off evil entities, including magic practices with astral smudging and cleansing, Umbanda's methods for purifying people and environments, shamanism, among more.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. A priest does not mean that he is a "holy" person, purity of spirit has to do with the person's character and nature, regardless of the position or dress he wears.

For example, there are priests in the Vatican who, as a person, are not pure (pedophiles for example), if a priest (who is a human being) is impure and tries to perform exorcisms, it will not work.

An exorcism doesn't work because it contains prayers in Latin (imagine that obsessive spirits don't even understand Latin?), A spirit only feels forced to leave if it recognizes power in the preacher's words or energy / vibration.

Spiritist doctrine explains very well how obsessions occur. I don't like the term "possession" because no demon enters the individual's body.

The very name "demon" is heavy and is used by the Church to instill fear, for them to present themselves as the ultimate "solution". In fact, there are spirits and they "touch" the person, obsessing him by energetically connecting to his chakras. The entity connects to the person, auric coupling.

I tell you, an individual is not an exorcist just for wearing a cassock and a crucifix on his chest. Anyone who has years of study and spiritual practice, who is pure in character and has a strong spiritual vibration is enough to ward off evil, his simple presence is already vibrationally superimposed on the presence of the entities (and these depart).

I will say more:

An exorcism could temporarily "solve" the problem of spiritual obsession. But it only resolves the symptoms.

It is necessary to work on the root of the problem, work on the spiritual part of the individual who is in trouble or discover the origin of the evil (it could be a witchcraft they did to someone, it could be a karmic situation, etc.).

Because if the individual is spiritually fragile, with low self-esteem and energy, sooner or later he will continue to attract the problem. So in addition to exorcism, it is necessary to work on the origins of the problem, and to spiritually reinforce the obsessed individual (with spiritual coaching, astral cleansing, protection, etc.).

And I will stop for now.

Sílvio Guerrinha

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