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Knocking on Wood for Luck


knock on wood for luck

You certainly know the tradition of giving three knocks on the wood, to "repel" bad energies or ward off bad luck, right?

Where did this tradition come from?

About 4,000 years ago, the North American Indians found that the oak was the tree most affected by lightning.

They concluded, then, that the imposing tree was the abode of the gods on Earth and every time they felt guilty about something, they beat on the trunk of the oaks with their knuckles, to call the gods and ask for forgiveness.

Another of the probable origins was the pagan tradition of patting the trunk of a tree with a hand, it was believed that they were inhabited by spirits (devas) and that this would attract good luck, or they would thank the deva of the tree and ask for a wish .

tree devas

In the United Kingdom, in 1899, this tradition of tapping wood began to emerge to ward off bad energy, in the United States the tradition emerged in 1905.

Dear reader, the explanation of this tradition exists on hundreds of sites, including the renowned Wikipedia. But no one else develops a plausible explanation or theory.

I will do it. In my opinion, which I believe in the spiritual world, forests are places of enormous magnetism, trees channel magnetism, so there are certainly entities that inhabit the forest.

In addition, there is another factor at work when we hit the wood, if we believe that we repel bad luck it changes our mindset (way of thinking) and our vibration becomes more positive, we become more self-confident, serene, this in fact repels bad luck. ..For our attitude and vibration before the rest of the day changes.

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